Saturday, September 13, 2014

Great Printer's Ghost!

It doesn't seem possible that we are headed into mid-September. I had all of these great summer plans. . . 

While I'll continue to blame the fickle Chicago weather for denying us a real summer, my own procrastination certainly can't be ignored. Otherwise I would have had posts to share such as "I Finally Updated my Photo Albums after 2 Years," "and "Picnic Ideas for Movies in the Park." Alas, nothing completed along those lines, so why not just head straight into Fall?

After three weekends of travel, I was looking forward to a Saturday at home. Bob and his buddy tackled the first of the drywall installation for our bathroom remodel. I helped by making lunch and running to Ace (we average 3 visits a day when working on a bathroom project). At some point, I got a look at our mantel and realized it was time to decorate for Halloween!
My ever-growing holiday collection is kept in the basement garage spot, and it didn't go without notice that I've managed to increase my fall-themed tote collection by 1 from last year. I'm going to see if I can make this a "no-spend" halloween, but somehow doubting it. 

I think part of why I end up buying at least one new piece each year to add to the collection is because it is requires a tad less effort to create an original display when you've got new things to show off. Earlier this week, this pin caught my eye on Pinterest and I realized I had an answer for how to make old things seem new.
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I bought a printer's drawer about 2 years ago with hopes of creating an advent calendar with decorated wooden blocks. That project is still on my list. Literally, it is one of my 36.5 in 365 goals this year! But in the meantime it has just been gathering dust in the closet. I pulled it out along with all of the fall decor and started playing around to see what we had to work with.
Pretty quickly I could tell it was going to be a great addition to the mantel. While it does stand upright on it's own fairly well, I stacked books behind the drawer and put a heavy hurricane in front of it to keep it in place. I also made sure it didn't touch the painting behind it as it tends to leave marks.
A few little figurines, candles and stamps I had on hand fit in just right in various squares. 
I employed my Every Holiday Blocks in a slightly different way, taking up one whole corner of the drawer.
The discolored wood of most of the squares already made for a great background, but to jazz up a few I took a scissors to some Martha Stewart Halloween paper. 
A random white feather was in the drawer when I grabbed it from the closet - it fell off of a feather Christmas tree that is also stored there. I figured I'd run with it: I grabbed a sharpie to it to turn it into a raven's feather and found a spot in the display for it.
Surrounding the drawer display are some Pinterest Projects of the Past: Pumpkin Diorama, Yarn Ball Owls and Halloween Mantel Scarf
In the "not new, but new to me" category, I was pretty jazzed earlier this year when my mother gave me the bendable black tree that had always been displayed in our house. I wrapped the bottom in a scrap of fabric and added small pumpkin candles and a craft skull I picked up for $1 at Michaels last year.
Two hours after I started, the mantel was looking pretty complete.
A few leftover pieces were added to the bookshelves, designated on a shelf that now contains every creepily titled tome we own, from Frankenstein to Devil in the White City to American Psycho.
I lined the dining room table with a fall themed runner we received from my mother in law last year and added a few candles. A silver lantern (leftover from our wedding centerpieces and set aside for holiday projects like this) was stuffed full of pumpkin figurines of all shapes and sizes.
We're headed up north to my parents' house in a couple weeks, which means some REAL pumpkins from their garden might be making their way to our tablescape and displays. Wahoo for Baby Boos!

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