Sunday, October 26, 2014

Get on the Floor

One step closer: The floor tile is in place! 

We are finally home a few weekends in a row, which means the (at last count) 17 more steps we need to take to get this bathroom remodel done-zo is going to see some headway. We changed the landscape of the room a couple weeks back by finally getting our floor tile into place, and I have to say that completing this step really helped us kick things into high gear with seeing what the finished product could look like!

We chose charcoal gray, 12x24 tiles from Lowe's, written about in this post. The dark colored floor pops nicely against our lighter gray walls and we can't wait until our shimmering ice wall tile is up to complete this picture. And, boy, was the price right - we spent no more than $100 to complete our look.
As should be the case, we spent the majority of time measuring and testing out layout patterns before we ever got to cutting. 
Our chalk line tool came in handy, and the pieces of paper helped decide exactly how many tiles we would need to get the job done.
We used 1/8 size spacers, which would allow enough space for our grout in Polyblend Dove Gray to show through. 
Although those extra few inches somehow doubled our costs, we decided to pick up a 24" tile cutter for about $100 as opposed to buying a smaller one for the majority of the cuts and renting a wet saw for our longer cuts. We figure the investment is worth it for future projects and it also gives us the flexibility to not have to finish everything in one day with the $60 rental.
After a couple tries - and a slight finger injury before we decided to wear the gloves - Bob had the tile cutter down. We also picked up a pair of tile nippers to create the edges needed for the hole where the toilet would sit.
Once we had everything laid out, Bob spent a day with the tile thinset, getting everything locked into place. He used a knife-like tool to get rid of the extra thinset the grout went down.
The next morning we tackled the grout and then wiped everything down with a damp sponge.
Wonderful! Just a couple final steps before we can cross this one off the list: we picked up grout sealer that needs to be applied after we run tile up the side of the tub. Our biggest hurdle there? Unfinished edges on the tile mean we need to figure out how to make beveled edges on the top of the tub tile. We may end up renting that wet saw after all.....
In case you are thinking the grout looks a little light in the photo above, we find ourselves with a steady stream of drywall dust as we finish up projects - our floor needs a good mopping before the grout sealer goes on to ensure we get the color we intended!

Here's a shot of how the floor looks from the entryway. And, hey! Is that a toilet going in? Stay tuned for the story of that fateful morning - when rookie mistakes came to a head and we found ourselves in a sitcom-like situation involving buckets of gushing water!


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