Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Countdown is On

So. . .I'm going to go ahead and chalk up my month long absence to my 'lil blog to a lotta travel and a less-than-inviting computer room (where I do my updates). Yes, the 2nd bedroom is still torn apart and we are still in bathroom remodel mode. But we're getting closer! Wall tile is almost done and after that it is really just finishing touches and putting the door frame back up. Houseguests are coming up for the holidays so our deadline fast approaches.

One thing I can cross of my list? A craft project I wanted to do about 2 years ago but was stuck for exactly how to execute. Suddenly, a solution dawned on me a few weeks ago and I got to work.

I picked up this printer's drawer from eBay with the hopes of creating a perpetual advent calendar for December's countdown to Christmas. I pictured perfectly sized blocks of wood with the date on one side and a holiday image on the other when it gets turned around. However, I was at a loss for how to cut perfectly sized blocks of wood to fill all of the spaces. So the drawer sat in the closet for 2 years untouched, until this Halloween when I came up with a way to use it for some scary mantel decor.
Perhaps it was seeing the drawer out and being used that drew inspiration, but I realized that I still had a ton of one-inch blocks from un-created Every Holiday Block sets. 
The single blocks fit nicely in the small spaces, and by mod-podging together a set of blocks, I could fill the other spaces neatly enough. 
I went with red, green and white painted blocks and mix 'n matched the number sticker colors for variety. 
After that step, I hauled out all of my holiday scrapbook paper, stickers and stamps and added some cheer to the back of each numbered block. 
I patiently waited for the fall to end so I could tear apart my Halloween display and replace with the advent calendar. Last Sunday was decorating day in our household, which meant I got to dig through all of my decor and find small items to fill the remaining spots. I used the same approach as Halloween - a little bit o' scrapbook paper, a few stamps thrown in....and this time I could use a couple small ornaments to fill spaces, too.
The advent calendar is joined on the mantel by a blanket of "snow," our Santa's Sleigh stocking holders, a blue and silver themed hurricane (to help prevent said advent calendar from falling forward), a couple wintery St. Nicks and our new pride and joy: a 2 foot tall Santa we bought last February at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC. 
Now I just can't believe that I'm already turning around block #6 - where is time going? I have a lot left to do before the 25th rolls around!